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Tech+Art works closely with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business, goals, and challenges in today's digital world. We believe that having a mutual understanding of the project scope and budget is the first step to building a rewarding relationship.

You need an agency that you can bounce ideas off; one that will return them with critical thinking and analysis. Here is where our multi-disciplinary team comes in. We combine in-depth research with industry experience to craft online strategies and solutions. We also ensure your web applications and digital campaigns are easily measurable - so that you'll always have the information to make timely decisions.

As a popular value-added service, Tech+Art also provides assistance in application for government grants. To know more about these grants and how they can help you, simply contact us and we can arrange for a quick chat over some coffee.


Being a software development house with extensive knowledge in modern programming languages and software development methodologies, we provide clients with cutting edge technologies that facilitate their competitiveness in a landscape dominated by technology, social media and mobility.

Our everyday work include building mobile/desktop applications, HTML5/CSS3 websites, ERP suites, as well as POS and CRM tools - all customised solutions - with the sole purpose of multiplying business efficiency and productivity. If you can conceive it, chances are, we can build it.

At Tech+Art, the planning of software infrastructure emphasises on flexibility, scalability, and maintainability - because we want to help you maximise your IT budget as much as possible.


User experience design addresses all aspects of your software products as perceived by end users, be it on a mobile or desktop platform. Once we've outlined the users' various personas, we prioritise and validate their needs, and find out how these could be delivered through design and technology.

It opens the way for your business to not only achieve form and functionality, but more importantly, to identify and meet the requirements of your customers. This attention to detail engages them and keeps them coming back for more. And by improving key touch points of user interactivity, we create experiences that people want to share.

We have helped many clients in B2B and B2C industries simplify and optimise user experience on their web and mobile applications. To make sure you look your best, we also provide professional corporate branding (or re-branding) services.